Private Lessons

Beginner students are encouraged to start with 30 minute lessons, however if they require more time that can be organised.


  • 20 minute lessons- $28.00 (inclusive of GST) - (This option is for 4 & 5 year olds only)
  • 30 minute lessons- $38.00 (inclusive of GST)
  • 45 minute lessons- $57.00 (inclusive of GST)
  • 60 minute lessons- $76.00 (inclusive of GST)

*Payable Upfront for a Full Term*

Group Lessons

Learn with your friends or family and save! (No more than 3 in a group for singing/guitar – max of 2 for piano)


  • 30 minute lessons- $33.50 per student (inclusive of GST)
  • 45 minute lessons- $51.00 per student (inclusive of GST)
  • 60 minute lessons- $70.00 per student (inclusive of GST)

*Payable Upfront for a Full Term*

Important Information

Payment Options

The first trial fee must be paid within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation message. If payment is not made within 24 hours, the spot will be open for other students to book that time. Bank details are supplied in the confirmation message sent via text. After the trial lesson, payment is made upfront for a full term which ranges from 9-11 weeks. We run alongside the Victorian school terms. Full of Heart Music Studios is closed on all Public Holidays. 

Payment can be made via Direct Bank Transfer, Cash or Eftpos. We accept all Debit and Credit Cards.

Direct Bank Transfer is the preferred method.


Absences/Make-up Lesson Policy

If a student cannot make their lesson and have already paid for a term, they are entitled to 1 x make-up lesson (Per term) by either having:

  • A double lesson the following week, OR
  • Having a lesson at a later date as organised by the teacher, student and/or parent

If a student is going to be absent, we must receive notice at least 2 hours before the lesson to receive a make-up lesson. Please contact your teacher or owner Kristen Di Berardino to advise that you will be absent.

If the student is absent for more than 1 lesson per term, the lesson is unfortunately forfeited and not credited to the following term. If your teacher is absent, this does NOT count as your 1 x make-up lesson for the term.

If lessons cannot be made up during the term for any reason, occasionally we offer make-up lessons over the school holidays.


Refund Policy

Term fees are non refundable unless under exceptional circumstances i.e. The student is injured, unable to continue for health reasons. In these cases, we ask that you provide a medical certificate as to why you need to discontinue lessons. We do NOT offer refunds due to students changing their minds and choosing not to do lessons anymore.



Prior to commencing a new term, you must give your teacher or Kristen 1 week's notice that you are going on a holiday. If you have not yet paid for your term fees, and you have a holiday planned:

If you will miss 1 lesson - This will count as your 1 x make-up lesson for the term

If you will miss 2 lessons, out of good faith, we can deduct 1 lesson from your invoice. You do not need to pay for this lesson. You will receive 1 x make-up lesson for the second missed lesson.

If you miss 3 or more lessons, we will not deduct any additional classes and the remainder of the lessons are forfeited. Term fees will not be put on hold while you are on holiday. We thank you for your understanding.

NOTE: If you have already paid for your term fees and will be absent on holidays, you will receive 1 x make-up lesson for the missed lesson. No additional make-up lessons will be scheduled.

Failing to give a week's notice of your holiday plans will result in no make-up lessons being scheduled, and no term fees will be deducted from your invoice.


Online Lessons

All students are able to change their lesson in person, to an online Zoom lesson if they are unwell, and don't wish to come into the studio that week. We kindly ask that students give 30-minutes notice prior when possible, to help the teacher prepare for the online lesson.

We highly encourage students doing changing to lessons online if they believe they are unwell and could potentially spread bugs to other students and teachers.


We thank you for reading about our policies, and for your understanding. Full of Heart Music Studios aims to create policies that we believe are fair, and are helpful for our students, families and teachers. We make decisions with everybody in mind, and we always strive to deliver fun, inclusive and affordable music lessons, with the aim for a smooth administrative process.