Private Lessons

Beginner students are encouraged to start with 30 minute lessons, however if they require more time that can be organised.


Pay for a full term and SAVE! Prices are:

  • 30 minutes lessons - $30.00
  • 40 minute lessons - $45.00
  • 60 minute lessons - $50.00


If you choose to pay 4 weeks at a time, price are:

  • 30 minute lessons - $32.00
  • 45 minute lessons - $47.00
  •  60 minute lessons - $52.00

Group Lessons

Learn with your friends or family and save! (No more than 3 in a group for singing/guitar – max of 2 for piano)

Prices are:

  • 30 minute lessons - $25.00 (per student)
  • 45 minute lessons - $40.00 (per student)
  • 60 minute lessons $45.00 (per student)


If you choose to pay 4 weeks at a time lessons are: 

  • 30 minute lessons - $27.00 (per student)
  • 45 minute lessons - $42.00 (per student)
  • 60 minute lessons  $47.00 (per student)

Important Information

Try before you pay full price - our first lessons are always half price!

Payment options:

The half price trial lesson must be made within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation message. If payment is not made within 24 hours, the spot will be open to other students. Bank details are supplied for the payment when enquiries are made.

After the trial lesson, payment must be made in advance of either:

  • Full term in advance (Saves $2.00 on each lesson)
  • 4 weeks in advance

If a student cannot make their lesson and have already paid, they are entitled to a make-up lesson by either having:

  • A double lesson the following week, OR
  • Having a lesson at a later date as organised by the teacher, student and/or parent

24 hours’ notice must be given so that lessons can be rescheduled. If a student doesn’t attend their lesson and no notice is given, they are not entitled to a make-up lesson.

If a school aged student wishes to take a break over the school holidays, they can do so and parents will be invoiced with the term breaks in mind.  Lessons continue throughout the holidays if students wish to continue without a break. However, over the Christmas period Full of Heart Music Studios will be closed over the main public holidays.