Private Lessons

Beginner students are encouraged to start with 30 minute lessons, however if they require more time that can be organised.


  • 30 minute lessons - $33.00 (inclusive of GST)
  • 45 minute lessons -  $49.50 (inclusive of GST)
  • 60 minute lessons -  $66.00 (inclusive of GST)

*Payable Upfront for a Full Term*

Group Lessons

Learn with your friends or family and save! (No more than 3 in a group for singing/guitar – max of 2 for piano)


  • 30 minute lessons - $27.50 per student (inclusive of GST)
  • 45 minute lessons - $44.00 per student (inclusive of GST)
  • 60 minute lessons - $60.50 per student (inclusive of GST)

*Payable Upfront for a Full Term*

Important Information

Payment options:

The lesson fee must be made within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation message. If payment is not made within 24 hours, the spot will be open to other students. Bank details are supplied to make payment in your confirmation message.After the trial lesson, payment is made upfront for a full term

If a student cannot make their lesson and have already paid, they are entitled to a make-up lesson by either having:

  • A double lesson the following week, OR
  • Having a lesson at a later date as organised by the teacher, student and/or parent

Refund policy - Term fees are non refundable unless under exceptional circumstances ie. The student is injured, unable to continue for health reasons. We do NOT offer refunds in the case that the student changes their minds and does not want to continue lessons.

Absences/Make-up Lesson Policy
If a student is going to be absent, we must receive notice NO LATER than 9:00am the morning of the lesson to receive a make-up lesson. The make-up lesson will be scheduled at a different time organised by yourself and your teacher.
We also run make up lessons over the school holidays. If no notice is received, or after 9:00am - the lesson is then forfeited.
If your teacher cancels a lesson, the student is automatically always entitled to make-up lesson.
COVID-19 Lockdown Policy 
In the event of a state or local area lockdown, lessons are offered online via Zoom. If you choose to not attend a Zoom lesson during this time, you will NOT receive a make-up lesson at a later date, and there will be no refund offered.
Thank you for your understanding.
PLEASE DO NOT come to lessons if you have any Covid-19 symptoms or have recently been tested with suspected symptoms. Please continue to sanitize and wash hands before your lesson. If you test positive to Covid-19 you are required to isolate for 7 days and return to lessons once you show proof of a negative test, and are no longer ill or showing obvious symptoms. If you are asymptomatic and show proof of a negative test, you can return to lessons.
If you are a close contact, you can return to lessons once you show proof of a negative test. If mask mandates are required at the time, please come to the studio with a mask on. Teachers are allowed to remove their mask only while they're teaching as it blocks clear communication, however they will wear a mask when communicating with parents in the waiting room.

Full of Heart Music Studios is closed on all the major public holidays.