Kristen Di Berardino - Director


Kristen Di Berardino is an accomplished singer, performer, songwriter and music teacher. She founded Full of Heart Music Studios to share her musical knowledge with students of all ages. She is a fun teacher with a bright and bubbly personality, and a warm, patient demeanour. Kristen structures her lesson plans according to the individuals' goals, and develops exercises around their learning styles. She is passionate about making sure her students love taking music lessons, and that they prosper. Kristen's own artistry is always done from the heart; as is her teaching, and this inspired the music school's name.

She started playing music at the tender age of 5, when she first placed her small fingers on a piano. After a few years of lessons, she gave up the piano as she didn't enjoy practising and felt it was too hard. However, as she got older she realised that although practising was difficult at times, bit is necessary to improve and succeed. She didn't realise it back then, but undertaking music lessons as a child opened up a gateway into her musical career that she didn't expect. She went back to taking piano and singing lessons as a teenager, and developed her craft by writing original songs. Kristen spent five years learning vocal technique and songwriting from ‘Young Talent Time's’ Steven Zammit. She wrote many heart felt songs in her teenager years, and started to perform and get noticed in Melbourne singing competitions. She also performed regularly at her high school whilst completing her VCE. 

Kristen went on to study music performance at the Box Hill Institute of Performing Arts. She improved her skills in vocal technique, songwriting, improvisation, music theory and many more subjects which helped develop her as a musician. She now carries a Bachelor of Applied Music (Performance) majoring in vocals. Whilst studying music, Kristen was able to collaborate with many other artists, network, and joined several bands where she displayed a high level of singing and stage presence. She started performing in rock bands, but then expanded her repertoire to include pop and soul music from the 50s to the current top 40. She gained performance experience in various styles and situations, including singing in an 8-piece Motown band, and as a backing vocalist for solo artists.

Whilst undertaking her Bachelor’s Degree, she released her first solo EP
‘Let the Music Never Die" in 2009. The songs on her EP take the listener through a journey with raw vocals and melodic piano accompaniment. When performing as a singer/songwriter, she is often described as ‘Soulful’ and ‘Unique’.

Kristen was a semi-finalist in the 2014 World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. WCOPA is known as the only ‘Olympics for the Performing Arts’. She was fortunate enough to be selected to represent Australia and join the 42 other countries competing. She won a silver medal for her involvement in the group song and dance production, as well as a bronze medal for her original song "Drowning in Your Arms". She had the opportunity to perform with some of the best singers and performers from all over the world, and learn even more skills.

Kristen is currently a professional singer and performs at Melbourne weddings, private functions, and corporate events, whilst continuing to write and perform original music. Her most recent project is the duo ‘Crimson Heart’ which combines soul, rock and hip hop. They released their first EP in 2018 and are currently writing new music to accompany an album. Kristen completed her Level 1 and 2 course in Estill Voice Training (Figures for Voice Control and Figure Combinations for Six Voice Qualities) in 2010, and again in 2015 to thoroughly understand the work of Jo Estill. She also completed her ‘Certificate in Figure Proficiency’ in 2013. In undertaking the certification, Kristen was confidently able to individually control each area of the vocal mechanism such as larynx height, velum, cricoid cartilage, thyroid cartilage, jaw, lips and many more, using the Estill Voice Print program. She also confidently demonstrated that she can sing in various voice qualities such as Belt, Twang, Falsetto and many more.

As well as working with students from ‘Full of Heart Music Studios’, she is also a singing teacher to students at Melbourne’s prestigious school Mount Scopus Memorial College. Kristen has a lot of experience working with children, and she has worked with special needs students, and those who have limited attention spans. Kristen comes up with new and fun ways to keep students engaged. Kristen is also a full member of the Victorian Music Teachers Association.

Anyone can learn to sing or play an instrument, and a patient approach is always best. Kristen motivates and inspires students to do their best and achieve their musical goals. 




Bonnie Heffernan - Operations Manager


Bonnie Heffernan is a versatile and compelling young musician living and performing in Melbourne. Her passion for music began at a young age, studying piano at the age of 5 and discovering her passion for singing at the age of 8.  All throughout her schooling years she participated in extra curricular musical activities, such as being apart of school choirs and theatre productions such as FAME. As a multi-instrumentalist she has performed at local and regional pubs, clubs and bars on regular occasions performing in her band ‘Until Further Notice’.

In 2016 she was given the privilege to play for renowned Australian entertainer Rhonda Burchmore at a local charity function in Griffith NSW. She has also been commended in her involvement in the SeaFMs Discovered singing competition in Sydney in 2012, advancing through to the grand final. Bonnie Heffernan relocated to Melbourne in 2015 after graduating from Marian Catholic College in 2013 to complete a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at the Australian Institute of Music. It was there that she discovered her love of jazz whilst being tutored by some of Melbourne’s most respected musicians. Bonnie graduated from the Australian Institute of Music with a Bachelor of Contemporary Music.

In 2016 she was given the privilege to play for renowned Australian entertainer Rhonda Burchmore at a local charity function in Griffith NSW. She has also been commended in her involvement in the SeaFMs Discovered singing competition in Sydney in 2012, advancing through to the grand final. Bonnie Heffernan relocated to Melbourne in 2015 after graduating from Marian Catholic College in 2013 to complete a Bachelor of Contemporary Music at the Australian Institute of Music. It was there that she discovered her love of jazz whilst being tutored by some of Melbourne’s most respected musicians. Bonnie graduated from the Australian Institute of Music with a Bachelor of Contemporary Music.




Julian Bines


Julian is an experienced piano teacher with a particular passion for music education. He grew up in a musical household and began learning the piano at the age of 6. He then continued lessons into adulthood, studying classical music and theory at high levels through the 'Australian Music Examinations Board', and completing his Higher School Certificate in Music Performance.

Julian has a passion for a wide variety of musical styles, spanning funk and folk music to classical, pop, and more experimental genres. He believes strongly in the effectiveness of learning piano as a basis for musical education, even if as a stepping stone for other instruments. Julian is enthusiastic about encouraging students in their particular musical interests, whether it be performance, musical theatre, composition or even exploring music as a hobby just for themselves. 

Julian himself has been in lead roles in amateur theatre productions, such as 'Mary Poppins', 'The Wizard of Oz', and 'Annie'. He's also played trombone with different stage bands including a highlight performance in James Morrison's 'Megaband'. Julian performs at various open mic nights and private functions, and enjoys composing his own music and playing guitar in his spare time.

As a teacher, Julian emphasizes technique and the cultivation of personal musical tastes early on. He is eager to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for students of all abilities to progress along at their own pace. He helps students enjoy lessons by challenging them to step outside their musical comfort zones and discover new potential pathways.






Laura Acevedo


Laura is a professional singer/pianist passionate about music teaching. Her love for music began at age 5 singing in the school choir and taking private piano lessons. During her time at school, she explored different approaches to music through singing and acting classes as well as music ensembles. Laura studied a Bachelor's degree in classical singing at the most important university in her city “The University of Antioquia” and has a deep understanding of vocal technique in genres like pop, indie, rock, Latin American and classical music. As part of her professional studies, she participated in diverse musical productions such as “Il Matrimonio Segreto”, “Le Nozze di Figaro”, and “Grease”. Laura had the opportunity to represent her country with the University choir in México and Perú. In 2016, Laura was selected as a finalist for “The Sound of Music” cast contest in the role of Maria Von Trapp. 

With her band, Laura performed at weddings, private events and festivals throughout her country and is currently working on her personal music project. 

As a teacher, she makes of every class a fun and productive experience focusing on students' personal goals and abilities. Lessons are structured in accordance with students' ages, previous experience and musical preferences to make them a gratifying moment.  




Sebastian Zuluaga


Sebastian is a multi-instrumentalist musician with knowledge in Guitar, piano, vocal technique, song writing, and music production. He started his music journey around 17 years ago by studying electric guitar whilst playing in pubs and scenarios around the city of Medellin. After this, he studied at the “Débora Arango music school” for 3 years, where he explored different genres like jazz and Latin music. Sebastian studied his bachelor's degree in music at the most important University in Colombia “The University of Antioquia" and graduated as a music teacher specialising in classical guitar. Sebastian also developed other musical skills such as the ability to sing, play the piano, play the bass, and some other folk instruments. He was also part of the music scene of the country playing for many artists as a session musician.


As a teacher, he has more than 7 years of experience teaching all ages. His ability to play different styles has provided him with a variety of tools and techniques to help people achieve their musical goals. As a professional and experienced music teacher, Sebastian has discovered that talent is not the most important aspect of music learning,  but constancy and a true desire to improve a little every day.



Brianna Ekberg


Brianna Ekberg is a highly skilled and passionate musician with a diverse range of musical interests, including jazz, musical theatre and classical music. She has obtained a Bachelor of Music with honors from the University of Melbourne's Conservatory of Music, where she focused on classical voice before exploring the realm of jazz during her final year of study. In her  professional music career, Brianna has had the privilege of performing in festivals, musicals, youth operas, as well as private functions and beyond. She thoroughly adores the thrill of captivating an audience and performing live.

Furthermore, Brianna acknowledges the transformative power of music and its ability to heal, uplift, and bring joy to countless lives. It is this belief that drives her mission to introduce the extraordinary beauty of music to as many people as possible. She is devoted to making a positive impact through her involvement with community choirs and performing at various fundraisers such as the Geelong Rotary Club.

 As a teacher, Brianna strives to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that caters to the individual needs of her students while maintaining a strong focus on vocal care and overall well-being. She is a fun and compassionate vocal and piano teacher who loves working with students of all ages and levels.



Kaitlin Keegan


Kaitlin Keegan is a seasoned vocalist and guitarist, integrating her extensive musical education with her vibrant personality as she steps into her role as a vocal and guitar instructor. Graduating with distinction from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), Kaitlin holds an Advanced Diploma in Music Artistry, where she immersed herself in performance, collaboration, and songwriting.

At WAAPA, Kaitlin's education was not confined to textbooks; it was hands-on and practical, emphasizing the development of stagecraft and presence alongside musical proficiency. This holistic approach equipped her not only to excel as a musician, but also to shine as a performer - captivating audiences with her compelling voice and magnetic presence.

In addition to her solo pursuits, Kaitlin has collaborated with esteemed artists of various backgrounds, showcasing her versatility and adaptability across musical genres. Praised for her sincerity and ability to infuse authenticity into her music and voice, Kaitlin has earned accolades from industry figures and critics alike, solidifying her status in the Australian music scene.

When it comes to teaching, Kaitlin brings boundless enthusiasm, making her lessons bubbly, fun, and approachable. She has a knack for connecting with students of all ages and abilities, guiding them on a journey to discover their unique voice and sound. Kaitlin places a strong emphasis on vocal health and comfort, ensuring that her students not only improve their skills but also maintain the longevity and resilience of their voices.

Kaitlin's lesson plans are tailored to each student's individual goals and aspirations, whether they're aiming for the stage or simply seeking a creative outlet. Through a combination of technical exercises, repertoire exploration, and performance opportunities, she empowers her students to unlock their full potential and find joy in their musical journey.

With her solid educational background, illustrious career, and infectious passion for music, Kaitlin is poised to inspire and empower aspiring musicians, guiding them toward realising their full potential while fostering a love for music that lasts a lifetime.